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Experience the Art of Caring

The laser/IPL device emits a range of lightwaves that are then tuned and targeted at hemoglobin (the red blood cells in the blood vessels) or melanin (the brown pigment in freckles and age spots). The light beam passes through the skin and is absorbed by either hemoglobin or melanin resulting in damage to the vessel wall or fragmenting of melanin pigment. 


Our spa facial treatments offer an elevated experience with remarkable results. Each facial pampers with a warm mitt hand treatment, a heated pad for comfort, post-extraction cool stone application and our specialized facial massage. 


Tech shapes nails, hydrates hands and feet, and tops digits with a classic or Shellac hue; cleansing facial includes a mask and extractions.We keep our saloon smelling’ pretty by using high-tech source ventilation.
That means any smells near your nails are sucked up by vents as strong as a horse pulling’ a buggy.


Skilled Redken trained hair stylists assess your hair likes & dislikes, face shape, hair type & lifestyle to ensure we deliver a cut, color & style that compliments you.